The IIL production structure is heavily dominated by IV Fluids. The Company pioneered the local production of a narcotic analgesic called Pethidine. The Company is currently the sole producer of this drug within the sub-region. Pethidine is part of the small volume injectables product range, which also includes Chloroquine Phosphate and Quinine Dihydrochloride injections. Quinine is a relatively new addition to the company’s product line. It was initially targeted for the export market, but has caught on well with the local market. Chloroquine Phosphate has, as of January 2007, been discontinued on the advice of Ministry of Health.

Infusion Therapy Operations

Intravenous infusion therapy commonly called IV refers to the administration of fluids, drugs or blood directly into the circulatory system through a vein. When whole blood is administered, the technique is called Transfusion. When sterile fluids (Blood volume expanders) are administered, the technique is called Infusion. Intravenous infusions are used for three major reasons:

  • to add fluid volume to the circulatory system when there is an imbalance or depletion of normal body fluids as in blood loss or burns;
  • to establish and maintain life support for an accident victim whose condition is unstable; and
  • to provide an access for the administration of medications.

Product Categorization

The Company’s products are categorized into the following:

  • IV Fluids;
  • Giving Sets; and
  • Small Volume Injectables (SVI).

Under these broad sections the product portfolio can be grouped as follows:

IV Fluids (IVF)

  • Sodium Chloride Solutions;
  • Dextrose Solutions;
  • Dextrose Saline Solutions;
  • Poly-Saline Lactate Solutions;
  • Poly-Saline Dextrose Solutions;
  • Dextran Solutions; and
  • Special Solutions.

Small Volume Injectables (SVI)

  • Pethidine Injection;
  • Magnesium Sulphate Injection;
  • Quinine injection 600mg; and
  • Quinine injection 300mg.

Administrative (Giving) Sets

  • Plain Giving Sets; and
  • Blood Giving Sets.