IIL was incorporated in 1969 and began operations in 1974 as the first pharmaceutical company producing intravenous infusions in Ghana. IIL was set up to take advantage of the lack of local production of infusions and the country’s total dependence on imports.


  • To work with local and international regulatory authorities to ensure compliance with the highest standards of products produced;
  • To strictly adhere to the detailed principles of current Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP) to guarantee quality;
  • To produce large volumes of pharmaceutical and medical products to meet national demand; and
  • To produce at low costs to make the products affordable.


The corporate culture of IIL is guided by the five fundamental values:

  • Product quality and cleanliness;
  • Commitment and dedication;
  • Personalization and respect;
  • Reliability and efficiency; and
  • A partnerships approach to business building with clients to anticipate needs and provide proactive solutions.

Corporate Vision

The corporate vision of IIL is to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical and medical products in Africa in the 21st century.

Corporate Mission

The mission of IIL is to dominate the IV fluids and small volume injectable market in West Africa through the delivery of high quality pharmaceutical products at competitive prices and supported by an active and energetic marketing agenda.